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  • Q1. What warranty applies to products sold by BestDeals?

    Best Deals provides a voluntary warranty and applies the Conditions and Warranties required by law.

    Statutory Conditions and Warranties
    For all products sold, BestDeals provides conditions and warranties contained in the consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (NZ CGA).

    Where the 30 Day Change-of-Mind Period has passed and the conditions state that unless the product has defects which Best Deals has specifically brought to your attention before the sale, the product is of merchantable quality—that is,

    •the product is free from manufacturing defects and faults and reaches a basic level of quality given the price of the product and any description that is provided with the product;
    •the product is fit for the purpose or job for which it is normally used or to which Best Deals has to agreed before the sale.
    •the product matches any description provided on our website or on labelling or packaging; and you receive a clear title to the product

    The warranties stipulate that the product is clear of finance or encumbrances; and you will have free title to the product.

    Customers should be aware that all depictions contained on the website are for illustration purposes only. Due to differences in picture inks, computer monitors and printer ink, colours of the actual product may vary slightly from those viewed.

    If the product does not satisfy any of the mentioned conditions or warranties then, provided the claim is made within a reasonable period of time after the sale, you may be entitled, at your discretion, to a refund, replacement of the product or to have it repaired. A reasonable period is contingent on the circumstances of each sale including but not limited to the nature, quality and price of the product.

    Any refund agreed to may be less than the purchase price depending on any use or consumption of the product which has occurred or any contribution that use by you has made to the cause of the claim.

    Customer Service will review each claim on its merits on a case by case basis and, if required, will negotiate a solution that is acceptable to both Best Deals and you including any costs involved.

    For more information about your rights as a consumer, you mau check the following links at:



    Best Deals does not provide a refund, credit or exchange if:
    •the product has been damaged by unintended use by you,
    • if the defect is drawn to your attention before you purchased the product, for example, when products are clearly labelled as seconds or faulty
    •the 30 Day Change-of-Mind period has elapsed and the product matches the description provided on our website and is free from manufacturing defects or faults.

    Voluntary Warranty Policy
    All products sold by Best Deals have a "dead on arrival" (DOA) warranty. This means that if a product is damaged during delivery and a claim is made within 14 days from the date of dispatch, Best Deals will replace or repair the product at our discretion at no cost to you. If Best Deals has no remaining stock of the particular item and it cannot be repaired Best Deals will replace it with a similar product or offer you a full refund.

    If the damage is discovered outside of the 14 day period please contact Customer Service who will determine whether circumstances are such that you may still proceed with a claim. You can take advantage of this offer for up to twelve months after the sale.

    This warranty does not apply to damaged packaging only and does not detract from your statutory rights.

    Manufacturers Voluntary Warranty
    Many of the products supplied by Best Deals are covered by a Manufacturers Voluntary warranty. The terms and conditions of such warranties are outside of our control and it is your choice whether to use such warranties. Where possible the time of such warranty will be displayed on our website.

    A manufacturers’ warranty does not detract from your statutory rights.

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  • Q2. How do I make a warranty claim?

    Please contact Best Deals via email and give a full detailed description of the issue, as well as a photograph of the faulty product or part and your order number. Best Deals will respond to you within 48 hours with further questions or instructions.
    Do not return the product at this stage.

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  • Q3. What is the procedure for returning my item?

    You can return the DOA (Damage on arrival within 14 days from the date of dispatch) or faulty product to Best Deals using the following steps:

    • Best Deals with your order number and the reason for return.

    • A customer service representative will issue you a Faulty Return Form with a Return Authorised Number (RAN). Please be sure you include the Faulty Return Form in your return package. It will enable Best Deals to process your return punctually.

    • Our customer service team will help you arrange with our couriers to schedule a pick up from you. To resolve the issue as soon as possible, we may need you to make direct contact with courier's local depot in some cases.

    • Please be advised that we cannot facilitate customers returning the item directly to our warehouse for your own security and there will be no available staff that can accommodate you. Thank you for understanding and patience.

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  • Q4. Who pays the postage costs for an item that has to be returned?

    Best Deals will cover the costs for the return of items within 14 days the DOA.

    Where a valid claim is accepted, any repaired or replaced items will be sent to you at the expense of Best Deals.

    Where a claim is rejected as a valid claim, your account will be debited the cost of return shipping of the product to Best Deals and of Best Deals returning the product to you as well as a $30.00 handling and administration fee.

    Items returned COD will not be accepted.

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  • Q5. I have received my item but the packaging has been damaged during transit, can I change the item?

    Package damage during transit does not fall under our conditions or warranties unless the package damage affects the enclosed product. Conditions and warranties apply only to the product.

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  • Q6. I have received my item but the product has been damaged in transit, what should I do?

    All shipments are covered by Best Deals 14 day DOA warranty. Follow the procedures for making a warranty claim. If the damage is discovered outside of this period please contact Customer Service who will determine if circumstances are such that you can still proceed with a claim.
    Please follow the instructions for making a warranty claim and returning a product.

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  • Q7. I have received my item but it is damaged, what should I do?

    Please follow the procedures for making a warranty claim and returning a product.

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  • Q8. Can I transfer the warranty to someone else if I give or sell it to them?

    Best Deals voluntary warranties are non-transferable.

    Under Statutory Warranties not only the original consumer, but any subsequent owner who received the goods as a gift, is entitled to compensation (provided the goods have not been bought for the purpose of resupply), as long as the goods are returned within a reasonable time.

    However if you have bought the product from Best Deals for the purpose of selling it to another person you may be responsible for satisfying the Statutory Conditions and Warranties.

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  • Q9. Can I get my money back if I do not want this item anymore?

    You are not entitled to a refund, exchange, credit, replacement or repair if you:

    •you have caused damaged by using it in an unintended way,
    •the defect was drawn to your attention before you purchased the product, for example, when products are clearly labelled as seconds or faulty,
    •the 30 Day Change-of-Mind period has elapsed and the product matches the description provided on our website and is free from manufacturing defects or faults.

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The BestDeals 30 Day Change-of-Mind Policy

Online shopping sometimes means you don't get exactly what you had in mind. You are welcome to return the item as long as you meet the following terms and conditions as listed below:

Terms & Conditions

  • Notification is required within 30 days of purchase date.
  • Item to be returned must be in their original re-saleable condition with all tags and packaging (ready to be put back on the shelf).
  • The item/s are NOT opened, used, worn or damaged.
  • That you DO NOT stick or write anything on the item itself or its packaging. Please only write or place postage stickers on the outer postage packaging.
  • Some items are not eligible for refund due to hygienic reasons
  • The refund amount will not include delivery costs. If the item was delivered for free, delivery cost will be deducted.
  • Handling fees will apply at 20% of the purchase price.
  • The return of the item is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • If the item has sustained damage in transit or does not return as noted above, a revised refund amount may be required
    If you would like to take this offer, please send us an email at info@bestdeals.co.nz and indicate the Order ID the item/s you wish to return and the reason for the return. Our Customer Service team will reply to your email and, if applicable, issue you a Return Authorization (RA) number. All other relevant information will be given to you at this time. BestDeals will not accept any return of any item/s without an RA from our Customer Service Representative. For full details on our return policy, visit our Warranty & Returns FAQ

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